Is buying online cheaper than in retail shops?


After visiting and meeting dozens of furniture stores and their owners, we can light up the veil on the various assumptions we had before starting this project. We also had the opportunity to meet many brands and manufacturers on furniture and design fairs. We will now discuss some preconceptions commonly experienced by the consumer: You certainly have considered that some ... Read More »

Welcome on the Storanza blog

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Dear visitor, We have launched this project because we think that it’s not that easy to find qualitative information when you are in search for interesting furniture and decoration for your interior. Everyone knows that you can find all kinds of furniture at the stores of the big Swedish brand Ikea (where you can also enjoy tasty meatballs), but we ... Read More »

Operating a physical furniture store compared to e-commerce, which is more expensive?

Design furniture shop

Another popular idea that we have about furniture e-commerce is that it will cost far less to run a webshop rather than a physical store.  vs.  However, ultimately the opposite is true. - Developing an online website for design furniture and creating an online catalog (f.e. professional photographs, etc) may end up costing more than the preparation of the work and decorating ... Read More »